Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Preparation for Pentecost, a song

Break up the ground
break up the ground
break up the ground
Open your heart to love again
Careful, the seed within

Messianic hope

To be a people after God's own heart, this is messianic hope and its true fulfillment. To abide with the Holy One in the midst of the camp, this is the journey to the promised land and its eternal possession. To greet the stranger with loving-kindness and to rest justly on the sabbath, this is the repair of the walls of Jerusalem and the light of lamps in the temple.

Did the Temple make Jerusalem invulnerable to disaster? No, but the people learned the worth of sabbath in exile. Did Moses enter the promised land? No, but he beheld Yahweh in the midst of the people. Did David take the crown by force? No, but he found shelter in the Most High. Did he conquer his own weakness? No, but he wept for his sin and danced with might and joy before the Lord.

So do not wait for a new prophet to arise, a high priest or a king, only be now the royal, priestly and prophetic people God has put it in your heart to be.

Peace be upon Israel through whom may all people be blessed. Shalom.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Song for Pentecost

Come, Spirit, come
Breathe upon our heart
Ignite a fire in us
Clear away the dross
Illumine our mind
Lord, make a way for holiness