Tuesday, September 9, 2008

And in the Holy Spirit

I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord and giver of life.

In the beginning before the word of creation, you hovered over the face of the deep.
At the end your knowledge will cover all the earth as water covers the sea.
Even now, you search the soul for a home of new creation.

Blessed are you who moves upon the heart that rivers spring forth.
Blessed are you who flows within the soul that dried things are restored.
You breathe in all that is green.

You shadow your saints wherein your word is hidden.
You whisper to your prophets and the word is spoken.
You shine upon your child, a revelation.

You hear the cry of the broken hearted and send prayer up to heaven.
You gather the meek of the land and scatter the proud in their delusion.
Through water, you drive your children into the wilderness.

You reveal yourself in blaring horns, fire and smoke upon the mountain.
You call your servant to come up higher and receive full instruction.
You inscribe your own soul upon these stones.

Make not for me an altar of stone nor ascend by steps, only sacrifice on an altar of earth.

You terrify them from your holy hill to make no gods of gold and to server no other.
You burn hot against brazen children.
You sanctify your people to make them holy.

You say, “You shall be holy for I, the Lord your God am holy.”
Among your children you wish to dwell.
So you fashion from a virgin an earthly tent full of glory.

You hide my child in a peasant’s cloak to walk a bitter journey.
You fall to depths where no one escapes.

Turn, my child, the kingdom is at hand!

Awake! You, the ear of those who listen.
Awake! You, the eye of those who see.
Behold, the beloved is stricken.

Come O wind and bear them up.
Come O driver, wheel, and chariot.
Come knit my beloved and bride forever.

And I will dwell here among my people.

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