Saturday, February 24, 2007

It's morning time

Hear it! [It's morning time MID]
Read it! [It's morning time PDF]

There’s nothing quite like sleeping in on a Saturday morning. But my 22-month-old daughter is too full of life to let that happen. Zoe climbs up on our bed with toy cups in hand. In her pre-verbal way, she announces that it’s morning time.

A song comes back to me. It first came to me several months ago, but I had forgotten all about it and hadn’t written it down. This morning it awakens me again.

When a forgotten song comes back to me time and again, I take it as a sign that it is worth writing down and sharing. I hope you like this little wake up song.
To you I give this day
O lead me in your way
My heart would give you praise
It’s morning time!

Well, I suppose it’s my turn to watch Zoe, so my wife can catch a little more sleep.

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