Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Spirit Moves

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Once I asked my grandmother Pauline how it was that she got into the Pentecostal movement in the 1920s and later left the church when her youngest, my father, was finishing high school. She thought a moment and said, “Well, I suppose, the Spirit moves us in, and the Spirit moves us out.”

That line stuck with me. My own journey has been into and out of various religious commitments. Even during years when I felt I had no faith, somehow I know the Holy Spirit was still with me and leading me. I have both lost faith and found it in my life.

About seven years ago, I went through a time of spiritual renewal. My grandmother’s line kept floating back into my mind. To my surprise, the words emerged as a new song, Spirit Moves.

The Spirit moves us in
and the Spirit moves us out
Blow wind where you will
blow wind where you will
And this song is also a prayer, a pray of acceptance of wherever life takes us. We can breathe in, and we can breathe out. We can trust that the Spirit is with us and leading us on.

Thank you, Grandma Pauline.

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This is a lovely story and your grandma was clearly a very wise woman.

Thanks for sharing,