Saturday, February 10, 2007

Children of the vine

a hymn to the tune of “In the Bleak Midwinter”

We your children look to you, O root divine
Not a mouth would you refuse simple bread of life
Your love pours out for us, pours out for all
That we may taste life anew, children of the vine

Come now all you people to this bread and wine
Not a soul would we exclude where our lord says, "Dine!"
Come you wounded and you scorned, come and be whole
Anointed life now welcomes you, children of the vine

We who walk upon this earth mindful of our time
Look for justice and some bread, some will never find
Yet in mercy we may live, in mercy may we die
Till justice press upon our lips, children of the vine

When the spirit calls to us, time will be no more
Hearts that look upon the latch tremble at the door
Come my wounded, come my loved robed in radiance fine
Your beloved waits for you, child of the vine

Children of the vine, Copyright © 2004 by James Hilden-Minton

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