Saturday, February 3, 2007

My heart has trusted

[My heart has trusted PDF]

Wherever you go, be the presence of Christ, be the flesh of the gospel—not with words or actions that draws attention to yourself, but with an inner smile, a lowly heart and loving eyes.

Learn to see what the Spirit sees. See what it is that God loves in each person, what it is in your own soul that moves God’s Spirit to empty Godself to take the form of a servant.

Remember that God looks continually and attentively to your heart. No matter how dark or clouded our souls may be, God sees clearly with no obscuration. Meditate on this.

The essence of prayer is attentiveness. Pray with eyes that look to Christ in every situation. Pray patiently with a trusting heart.

With watchfulness and prayer, you will come to see how the Shepherd watches over you. Catch his eye and see eternity.

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