Friday, February 25, 2011

Mad creation

All the creation is the radiant garment of the Holy One. Working from the deep recesses of the subatomic world, you knit and weave us into being until life and intelligence emerges. Mad creativity at play, algorithmic evolution searches out your most fierce designs. You peer out through each order being from the most basic stuff of energy and matter, molecules and planets, star dust and the chemistry of life, genomes and ecosystems, birds and songs, laughter and the games children play--you peer out as through a veil, your blinding loveliness hidden to all but your beloved.

We with long faces cry out, where are you? I cannot find you in all this misery. All our hidden cravings point to you, but we are alone. Surely this world is accursed and all that is in it. Surely you hate us, you are disgusted with us. Yet all is as it should be, time and chance creating and destroying, the chaos of fragile existence.

We imagine you. We create you. We dress you in words of delusion, projections of fear, fancy and self-importance. We layer you over with gold and greed, precious stones and the lust for power. We place you on a throne and subdue the earth in your name as our own booty. Finally, we put you in outer space far beyond the temporal domain, an exalted exile. Satan grins in our direction. Money, stature, and baubles are all within our reach. But not you, wait in stillness beyond our reach, hidden and free. You say nothing, for you had said it all. In time the design will come around. If for but one brief moment, we may know that you are holy.


Helen Weaver said...

Really good.

James Hilden-Minton said...

Thanks, it's nice to know when someone takes the time to read. Blessings!