Saturday, April 9, 2011

Smile, you are a mystic

Mysticism comes in little doses. Gather it like morning dew. Every time your heart says, Ah, this is God, you are a mystic. Every time you say, Where are you?, you are a mystic. Whenever you know the passion of creation, the loveliness of a soul wherever or in whomever you see it. Whenever awake to the preciousness of this moment, this life, this breath. Whenever you wonder, you dream, you explore. Whenever you grow, blossom or fade. Whether in darkness or light, in love or abandonment, in accepting things as they come or raging against all that takes its toll, in illumination or obscurity, doubt and confusion. It comes when you feel lost, it comes when you feel found, it is when you are lost all over again. Whether life comes together or things fall apart or pretty much stay the same. Smile, you are a mystic! It is said that Enoch walked with God and was no more. So walk each step.

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