Monday, October 3, 2011

the economy and Jooble

It's been some time since I've posted. Strangely my thinking has wandered from matters of faith to economics. From God to mammon, or from prophets to profits, if you will. In fact, I am contemplating starting a whole new blog to reflect on economic issues, financing and investing.

The truth is we need each other, and currency--for what it's worth--is one of the ways we engage each other. I need workers in the field to grow my food. I need my dentist to drill my teeth. I need my daughter's school to educate her. I need someone to manage the money that makes my mortgage possible. I need countless workers across the globe to manufacture the clothes I wear. I need someone to haul away the trash of things I no longer need. At every turn, I need someone, and they need me. Money passes from me to you, and from you to me. This is called, economy.

I recently was approached by someone promoting a online job listing service, and he asked me if I would put a link in my blog to the Jooble website. Because he asked, I said I would, and my prayer is that someone who reads my blog might find a new job.

Here's the link:

May all find meaningful and rewarding work. And may all participate with confidence in this mixed up economy.

Disclosure: I am not compensated by nor am I invested in Jooble. I own shares of Waste Management (WM)--somebody's got to haul the trash, recycle it and turn it into gas and electricity.

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